Dresden is a growing city and attracts many cultures from all over the world. However, Saxony is also increasingly affected by the shift to the right and the division of German society. To reduce the tensions between the growing number of migrants or refugees and the population, Dresden urgently needs an intercultural dialogue.

The aim of power4africa is to open a pluralism centre on our property in Klotzsche in order to generate such an intercultural dialogue. For this purpose we are organising BBQ and coffee klatsch on our large premises with an extra tea room. Our bright studio offers space for art exhibitions and through our well soundproofed room, people of all nations can not only attend our music events together, but also become musically active themselves! Through all these possibilities we want to create opportunities for exchange between people of all nations - no matter if young, old, from Dresden, German or from somewhere else: Everyone is welcome to get to know each other and exchange ideas.

The opening will take place as soon as the current corona crisis has been overcome, in order to celebrate the newly won joie de vivre in a fitting manner.

The project is currently in the construction phase and we are looking forward to any support in its implementation. Please contact us to support or support us here: https://www.99funken.de/interkulturelles-cafe


With our Pluralism Centre we also offer the possibility of exchange and getting to know each other through art. In our bright winter garden, artists of all nations can exhibit and meet with their art. Our large garden is to be used for joint artistic activities and to enjoy the most diverse forms of art.


...coming soon...