Solar power for the clinic in Tanganyika Masagati

Tanganyika Masagati is a remote village in the Morogoro region, 650km from Dar es Salaam. The clinic is run by the Protestant Church in Tanzania. As the nearest hospital is 70 km away, the people in this rural region depend on the clinic. At the moment it is powered by a small solar system, which provides lighting but does not include the use of essential equipment such as microscopes. With the new solar system, not only would it be possible to detect malaria and worms under the microscope, but also to store medicines in a cool and dry place. Furthermore, an uninterrupted power supply is an important factor in attracting qualified doctors and other medical personnel to work in this remote region. The project is already in the implementation phase and further loads of solar cells are already on their way to Tanganyika Masagati. Once they are installed, the villagers and medical staff will be able to benefit from the sustainable energy supply.