The field of activity of the association power4africa e.V. is aimed at all countries of the world, especially the countries of Africa. The association brings together the persons and organisations interested in its field of activity. It selflessly promotes interests in the material, spiritual and humanitarian field.

Promotional measures for conflict resolution; promotion of intercultural cooperation; combating hate crime on the Internet; helping people to help themselves; support in financing problems (granting of micro-credits); promotion and development through technology transfer. Provision of facilities for the use of renewable energies; environmental protection, public relations work with a focus on Germany.

The purpose of the statutes is realised in particular by: improving the living conditions of people in developing countries. In this context, emphasis is placed on long-term income-generating measures.

  • Chairman of the association: Oliver Bradley
  • Office manager : Dipl.-Ing. Bob Hooda

Link to the statutes of the association (in german)

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