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With our principle of "helping people to help themselves" we want to support a social just, ecologically sustainable and economically productive development. It is our aim to contribute to reduce, if not even to close, the gap between the affluent countries of the North and the Global South. We fight for equality and the wealthy life of the rich countries at the expense of pour countries must end!

With events like panel discussions, seminars, workshops or exhibitions we want to show the historical and cultural richness. Here, the possibilities of economic and cultural cooperation with Africans, which are still hardly recognized and used in Germany, should be brought to the fore, which can enrich us in both – materially and spiritually. Africa's indispensable role in global development must be emphasized!

Our cultural center “PluralismusZentrum” in Dresden Klotzsche, planned for 2020, will offer citizens the opportunity to come together and develop freely, unaffected by their origin, religion, age or gender. Furthermore, we are promoting events for intercultural exchange, fighting hate crime on the Internet and engage ourselves for conflict research to find cause-based solutions to existing conflicts.

In order to achieve our goals, we work closely with various associations and foundations and run a think-tank for global events.

It is our concern to assess situations and developments in this global world not only from a European perspective. We want to open doors to the world in order to conduct a dialogue "on an equal footing" and to make sustainable forecasts.



More than 4000 people in Dresden joined forces on Saturday to fight racism and the police violence. We thank everyone who made this possible, participated and organised it! Thank you! You can find a detailed article about the demonstration here under events or in the African Courier!


UK-Africa Investment Summit in London where Kenya´s Green Bond lists on London stock Exchange:

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